International Human Rights Reporting

Civil society organisations can use the UN Treaty Monitoring System and the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) process to effectively highlight human rights issues and advocate for change. 

Ireland has signed up to international human rights treaties and under international human rights law has an obligation to ensure that Irish law and practice conform to the relevant standards. 

Engaging in human rights monitoring can help to influence decision-making on critical issues, tackle the root causes of inequalities, improve services and secure legal and social change. Working collectively on human rights can also be empowering and provide a means for individuals/groups to get access to public life.

For information on how NGOs can engage with the periodic examinations of UN Treaty Monitoring bodies and the UPR, please see our:

 on International Human Rights Reporting: Bringing International Human Rights Reporting Home 

Guides to engaging with international human rights mechanisms published by FLAC (April 2016)