UPR First Cycle

NOTE: The Irish Government will submit an Interim UPR Report to the UN Human Rights Council during its 25th Session (3 - 28 March 2014). A civil society review of UPR Recommendations will take place on 11 February 2014. For more information on this, please visit our Events page. 

In 2010, 17 leading Irish civil society organisations came together to work collectively on Ireland's first Universal Periodic Review (UPR). Led by the ICCL, the Your Rights Right Now coalition carried out consultation, research, advocacy and media activities in the run up to and during Ireland's UPR examination (October 2011) and the UN human Rights Council's adoption of Ireland's UPR in March 2012. 

In March 2011, the coalition submitted a Stakeholder Report to the UN raising key human rights issues, including a referendum on children's rights, the rights of women, prisons, rights of people with disabilities and anti-racism measures. In total, the Civil Society Stakeholder Report made 36 recommendations and included an Annex of all issues raised during our nationwide UPR consultation, including at meetings around Ireland and via submissions to our website . 107 organisations in Ireland endorsed the Civil Society Stakeholder Report. 

Your Rights Right Now organised a 17 member delegation representing rights holders and Irish civil society organisations which travelled to Geneva to conduct advocacy and witness first-hand the Irish Government's interaction with the UN Human Rights Council during Ireland's UPR. This was accompanied by a national media and communications campaign, incorporating online media, videos and other interactive tools to reach new audiences and ensure a broad understanding of the issues involved.

 A total of 126 recommendations were made by other UN Member States to Ireland, the majority of which were contained in the Your Rights Right Now stakeholder report. These were presented to the Irish Government in a UPR Outcome Report. At the Nineteenth Session of the UN Human Rights Council on 15 March 2012, the Council voted to formally adopt Ireland's UPR Outcome Report. Your Rights Right Now representatives made short statements to the Council's session, a clip of which can be viewed here. Follow up and implementation of the UPR recommendations is a key aspect of the Legacy project. Ireland gave a voluntary commitment to produce a UPR Mid-Term Report which will be submitted to the UN Human Rights Council during its 25th Session on 3 - 28 March 2014. 

Ireland's second UPR examination is scheduled to take place during the 31st Session of the UN Human Rights Council in September/October 2016.